Rikke Brodin

As a facilitator of embodiment, meditation, somatic exploration and creative flow, a guide on the spiritual path, and above all a mystic and a wonderer, Rikke is wholeheartedly committed to whatever work attune us into practicing intimacy with Reality, and facilitating laboratories of experience for entering into this mystery in a full bodied way. Weaving together teachings and practices from non-dual Śaiva Tantra of the Trika lineage, True Meditation of Adyashanti, yoga and Embodied Flow™, Taoist inner alchemy work, VortexHealing® and earth wisdom, Rikke ensues to wake up a field of self-exploration and discovery within the web of livingness. Rikke is a soul-stirrer and truth speaker with a deep commitment to awaken curiosity and sensitivity for engaging with every layer of this profoundly mysterious bodymind matrix, and in this way fall in love with the full spectrum of embodied aliveness and to ultimately return home in our wholeness.