Mylky Moon Lab

Mylky Moon Lab is not a ready-made product, but an exploration and invitation to reconnect with the natural cycles and patterns within and around us.
The way we function is in constant change, aligned with the individual and collective cycles. Learning to work with these invaluable maps through our signature Moon Method will have profound effects on every aspect of your life. Our ancestors lived in full alignment with the nature around them – The Moon Method is the way we apply these natural cyclical processes to modern living, loving, creating and working. Our method will connect you with the wisdom of your own body, align with your inner authority and trust the perfect timing in your life, based on your unique rhythm. We offer Bespoke 1-1 and Team Mentoring sessions which have helped clients in improving their relationships with their partners and colleagues, balancing work and life, and managing stress; as well as on- and offline courses and retreats throughout the year.