Dreams That Heal: Shamanic Dream Circle

6:30-8:30PM | Thursday December 12
Anima Mundi Apothecary
31 Noble St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA

Every night we enter a realm of images that speak to us on a level beyond ordinary consciousness. We dive into a world of ancestral memories, possible futures, and often visit other worlds and orders of reality as real as our own. To access the language of dreams, we must first master techniques for the practice of active engagement with them. During this month’s dream circle we will learn foundational techniques of Shamanic Active Dreaming, and introduce keys to unlocking the healing power of dreams. 

We will make a ‘test flight’ into a healing vision aided by the sound of the drum, and connect to the wisdom of dreams in regards to our health & processes of personal healing. Our intention is to reconnect to the powers that speak to us in dreams, and re-open pathways to growth, freedom, and wholeness that the practice of consci

ous dreaming provides.

**Learn Robert Moss's Lightning Dreamwork Technique for interpretation & healing through dreams

**Learn the basics of shamanic journeying

**Learn skills for dream recall & dream journaling

**Cultivate healing energies found in spontaneous night dreams 

**Create personal rituals to feed and honor our connection to dreaming

Your Contribution: $40

Kai Altair is a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Teacher of Active Dreaming, Certified Dementia Practitioner, Meditation Instructor, and Tarot Consultant. She is trained by Robert Moss, a renowned dream teacher who is the creator of Active Dreaming– an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism. Kai is also a practitioner of ancient divination, musical and movement traditions, and is deeply connected to the energies of the natural world. Her experience combines over a decade of service to the elderly in nursing and rehab facilities, with work in communities of young entertainers and festival goers around the globe. She creates a gentle, compassionate, and playful environment for personal growth and healing, and loves to journey with people exploring inner realms of spirit. Kai’s intention is to inspire attunement to imagination, universal life force energy, helping spirits, and present moment awareness. A performance artist, writer, and composer of sacred music- Kai lives in Brooklyn, and spends much of her time traveling the world in pursuit of musical and spiritual adventure.