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1829 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA


this weekly class offers a physical practice to fortify your body, clarify your mind, and exquisitely tend your heart. through a playful yet focused approach to yoga, we explore the forms of asana through clear and balanced instruction, precise and elegant sequencing, and essential teachings of the practice of yoga. our goal is embodiment--to move closer to a felt and lived experience of self.

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a b o u t l i v i a

mama, lover of words, yoga and embodiment educator, and somatic psychotherapist, livia cohen-shapiro helps students and teachers on the path grow their ranges of motion and emotion through steady asana practice, rich somatic education, and body-centered mentorship/counseling. she is known for her intelligent, clear, and witty approach. as well as her knack for teaching with rich metaphors and precise skill-building tools so you take the practice right into your life. livia's classes offer a practice for the body rooted in the teachings of yoga, tantric and earth-based philosophies, and somatic psychology.

livia is also the founder of applied psychology for yogis, holds a masters in somatic counseling psychology from naropa university, has taught yoga full-time since 2003 and been a mover and shaker all her life.