Entre Sueños Oaxaca Immersion Retreat

Thursday December 5 - Wednesday December 11
1362 Quesada Ave
1362 Quesada Ave, San Francisco, CA 94124, USA
San Francisco

Join us for a carefully curated, intimate retreat exploring the vibrant culture and traditions of Oaxaca. We will experience hands-on ancestral craft workshops while nourishing our body, mind and spirit in connection with Zapotec and Mixtec communities and lands.

For those seeking an authentic, educational, and immersive experience, we offer a unique opportunity to connect with, learn from, and share with locals in Oaxaca’s artisan communities.


Learn from the masters, as we venture into communities that continue to practice ancient, traditional art forms. We visit the homes of traditional artisans for hands-on, interactive workshops including natural dyeing & weaving, pottery, ceremonial candle making, and the art of Mezcal distillation. We connect with local families, sharing meals and stories around the table in their homes.

Reflection + Conversation

We believe reflection deepens learning and strengthens community. Reflecting on our shared experiences creates pathways for rich and inspiring dialogue and exchange. We invite you to participate in individual and group reflections, journal prompts, sharing circles, and conversations with guest lecturers.  

Ceremony + Ritual

Experience the Spirit of Oaxaca through ceremony and traditional rituals. We invite you to gather in community for a limpieza ceremony, altar rituals, and ofrendas in our retreat home.

Movement + Meditation

Daily movement and meditation offerings allow you to process the many experiences in stillness. Movement offerings include; hatha and vinyasa yoga,  lymphatic self-massage and more.