Friday June 28
The Village Shops, Big Sur, CA 93920, USA


Join Matt Baldwin for a presentation on his work using music in the field of psychedelic psychotherapy. With a deep background in music creation and performance and clinical training in transpersonal psychology and psychedelic psychotherapy, he is uniquely positioned to bring together the subtle threads used to weave sonic experiences for those undergoing psychedelic experiences. Matt studied psychedelic psychotherapy and research at CIIS and is currently Director of The Psychedelic Therapy Music Forum at The Chacruna Institute For Psychedelic Plant Medicines. He will be sharing his experiences in creating playlists for research purposes, ketamine clinics, solo and group journeys and will go over the theory and practice of how he does this and how you can do it too. Come with questions and an open mind.

Tonics by Sun Potion and lunch from Mercado Sagrado guest chef, Greg Arnold of Darkhorse Organic available separately.

Matt Baldwin MFT is a psychotherapist and musician who specializes in the use of music in psychedelic psychotherapy. He plays with Nico Georis in the band, Platoon. / @charcruna_net

Friday, June 28th, 7:00 - 10:00pm, Upstairs in the Village, Big Sur