Soundbath + Reiki

6:30-8:00PM | Saturday July 13
427 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293, USA
Los Angeles

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Join us for a potent evening to be re-tuned and recharged by the forces of sound and light. We will be led into a sonic healing journey weaving the sounds of metal and crystal singing bowls, gongs, and other overtone-emitting instruments while receiving Reiki’s loving light.

Space will be limited to ensure that everyone can be given a special one-on-one Reiki treatment during the sound bath. Reiki and sound are complimentary healing methods, both enabling the body to naturally repair itself by easing the mind into deep meditative states, leaving one feel at peace.

Dress comfortably and bring any crystals or personal items you would like to be charged. An eye pillow is nice if you have one or we have beautiful ones in the shop for purchase.