Honeybee Heart and the Warrior Priestess Way

Friday June 28
Tesuque, NM, USA
Santa Fe





Fire Element Qigong + Tea Immersion

Honeybee has presented herself as our guide for this summer’s work with the Fire Element. Deepening in our study as Warrior Priestesses— those who hold the moon and grip the sword as one act— we recognize the element of Fire as an essential key to activating the Shen, the Spirit.

Drawing on the heart as center— the void, the spaciousness within— we go inside in order to activate our Light, shining it forth like the sun. On its rays the honeybee journeys, seeking the midsummer blossom. Just as she returns to the hive heavy— thighs laden with pollen, we return to our innate understanding of divinity, renewal, prolificacy, and a vibrant channeling of creative Qi.

Honeybee’s hum reminds us of our own pulse and calls on us to purge ourselves of excess. As we purify ourselves, a joy is revealed that ultimately attunes us to the source of true power that radiates from within. She rekindles our knowing that to offer our highest form of art— whatever that art may be in this lifetime— we must be intuitive receivers of the vision, building the honeycomb in perfect harmony with our sisters and dancing to communicate the essential truths.

As is now tradition, we’ll open and close the day with Bowl Tea—in stillness, silent, listening with all our senses as the water pours and fills the sacred vessel; we journey from the outside in and are emptied.

Bolstered by tea ceremony, we take the rest of the day to move. Like deep sea dancers, like star swimmers, we move. To move the spirit through, we move— and are in turn moved by the spirit. We’ll practice Qigong as medicine— forms specifically chosen for each woman present—a tool to be used on your path as a Warrior Priestess. We will also learn to wield and respect the Sword. Through Eagle Claw forms we’ll cut through what no longer serves us.

This Immersion is held with impeccable intention, for women who wish to receive the medicine of the body in harmonious tandem with the medicine of the Leaf, all under the guidance of the five elements. It is our intention to create an intimate, focused environment to facilitate deep movement— both internal and external.

Seats are limited

Immersion Schedule

Friday 4-7p

Saturday 8.30a-5.30p
Sunday 8.30a-5.30p

*Pricing includes two lunches*

*Pricing does not include accommodation*

*Due to the energy put into this immersion, we cannot accept refunds**