Saturday June 22
105 NE 24th St, Miami, FL 33137, USA

Sat Nam! Get ready to immerse into the power of Kundalini Yoga! This 90-minute class is for everyone whether you are a novice or a long-time practitioner. Everyone is welcomed!

Join us we will explore the fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga and go deeper into the benefits, technology and science of it, and most importantly, we will deepen the knowledge and the connection with inner core self. We will practice postures, movements, explore breath, hand positions, body locks, and eye focus. We will dive deep into the science of mantras and how they affect our whole bodily system. Finally, we’ll integrate our work with the vibrations of alchemy sound healing.

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient science of breath and movement brought to the Western world by Yogi Bhajan in the late 1960s. Kundalini Yoga was specifically designed to balance glandular and nervous systems to develop health, fitness, relaxation, and positive mindset so we can thrive in our daily lives by being more effective, productive, focused, alert, calm, less reactive, less stressed, have better digestive system, stronger immune system, sleep better, and finally, to increase awareness, better connection to ourselves and others, which all lead to increased vitality, wellbeing, and a higher caliber of life.

Health is not only what we are eating! Health is also what we are thinking, saying, feeling and doing! Health is also the quality of our life, our environments, our joy, our peace of mind, our awareness, our inner and outer radiance. Health is how we show up for ourselves and how we show up in the world. Health is holistic.

Presenter Biography:

Passionate for traveling, yoga and healing, Chris Manaas has been practicing different styles of yoga in many destinations around the world. There are no borders when you are on the mat. It is just you, your breath, and your journey. Chris has been a Reiki Energy healer for more than 7 years. He follows the Reiki Modality Traditional Usui and became a Reiki Master on 2013 through the master Francisco Diaz. Additionally, he is a RYT200 Yoga Teacher certified in Rishikesh, India in April of 2015. He completed a second training certifying KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher at A Yoga Village Clearwater, Florida with another RYT200. After that I had one Level 2 teacher training with Krishna Kaur and Guru Joda in Mexico City. He has completed another Level 2 teacher training with Harijiwan, Guru Jagat, Tej and Gurujas at RAMA institute on LA. and studied Sat Nam Rasayan with Gurudev Singh in Perugia, Italy.


$30 + Ticket Fees