Communicating Cannabis: Insights, Roadblocks & Predictions

7:00-10:00PM | Thursday December 5
100 S King St Ste 100, Seattle, WA 98104, USA

Mountain Gate Seattle (MGWA)
an evening of Connection, Nourishment, and an Open Discussion around

Insights, Roadblocks & Predictions

on Shaping an Unchartered Industry.

Join a hand-picked yet inclusive group of founders, forward-thinkers and entrepreneurs for a dinner event featuring 5 key-note speakers who will share their experience in the cannabis industry - all over a home-cooked meal in an ego-less environment.
Mountain Gate is a dinner series based in LA and expanding to Seattle this month. We create events for leaders to gather and learn, connect, and build meaningful relationships with the movers & shakers of your city.

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Thursday, December 5th

100 S. King Street, Ste 100
Seattle, WA

7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Dinner is served at 7:30 PM

Speakers will each deliver talks with Q&A's over the course of the evening.


KIERYN WANG: FOUNDER of Almost Consulting

Kieryn is a cannabis marketer focused on harnessing digital communities & experiential activations to bring consumers and collaborators together. As the former marketing manager for Seattle-based Van de Pop, Wng shaped the brand's coveted feed and community, always working to break the stigma of woman-identifying cannabis consumers. Since then, Wang has established her own independent consultancy that brings an unapologetic, fresh take on old marketing concepts. She has worked closely with LEVO Oil, Kiskanu, Roam, Irisa, Marley Natural, Dope Magazine, Goodship, Foria, Stoner Girl Diary, High Times and many more. Through her PoC Cannabis Business Directory, Kieryn hopes to amplify PoC owned businesses and support those most affected by the War on Drugs.

What will you be talking about?

No advertising, no problem. Learn how to get creative with campaigns and collaborations to work around challenges in your industry including, but not limited to product education, stigmatized product, and legal restrictions.

CY SCOTT: Co-Founder & CEO of Headset, Inc.

Headset helps companies in cannabis succeed by promoting better decision making via market intelligence offerings and operational insights in a sleek, intuitive and easy-to-use package. Prior to founding Headset, Cy co-founded Leafly. Since Leafly’s inception in 2010, Cy helped grow the site into the world’s leading cannabis information resource, a model of a successful ancillary brand in this new emerging industry. Along with his work at Headset, Cy founded a monthly Cannabis Tech Meetup hosting cannabis entrepreneurs and technology developers, which has now expanded into multiple regions throughout the US. Cy’s favorite strain is Tangie.

LO FRIESEN: Founder, CEO and Chief Extractor of Heylo.

At Eden Labs, a leading CO2 extraction equipment manufacturer, Lo helped build a Research and Development department and managed the development of Eden Labs' newest system, the FX2 Supercritical CO2 Extractor. After working with another cannabis processor, Lo launched Heylo in 2017 with a mission to provide a multitude of cannabis experiences through clean and great tasting cannabis oil products founded on education and transparency. Lo and the Heylo team are committed to education and facilitate community engagement by hosting educational events, a concert series, public tours, American Chemical Society meetings, CANN-STEM events, and Heylo Sessions events. Her personal mission is to provide cannabis users with as much information as possible and to enable active and engaged lifestyles with cannabis.

What will you be talking about?

How science can help people get more out of cannabis.
Consuming cannabis can truly allow you to get more out of life. So, how do we take control over our experiences? The path to understanding and optimizing consumption centers around the science of cannabis and its interaction with the human body.


Todd began his digital career back in 1990 for the 3M corporation, before the age of graphical web browsers. Over the years he has produced digital projects for Nike, Microsoft, Boeing, Adobe and others. For 15 years as an entrepreneur he built and sold two digital companies, one was an online portal for outdoor enthusiasts called and the other was a full-service web design and development agency. He went on to work for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in his digital research and development organization exploring mobile devices and sensor technology. He then spent time leading product design and user experience at Sinclair Broadcast where he developed websites, apps, content management systems and OTT portals. Currently Todd is Digital Media Director for DOPE Magazine, which was acquired by High Times Magazine, where he is in charge of video production, websites and social media. He lives in Seattle with his wife and two kids.

What will you be talking about?

Content Marketing for Cannabis Businesses: This discussion will focus on how to find the right audience for your product and how to speak to that audience as an expert…and ultimately how to convert that audience into customers. Content Marketing is key for cannabis brands because if we don’t tell our story, who will? Learn and understand the techniques, approaches and processes of how to use content, stories, words and video to make your business more well known and successful.

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Tricia got her cannabis crash course in Los Angeles as Digital Strategist for Spark the Conversation, a non-profit organization pushing for drug policy reform. She also worked as Senior Manager of Marketing at New Frontier Data, a cannabis market research group based in Washington D.C. Since moving to Seattle two years ago, Tricia has worked as a freelancer providing accessible, quality marketing services to cannabis brands all over North America. Her experience working with a range of industry stakeholders, from communities most affected by the War on Drugs and small farmers, to politicians on the Hill, patients, accredited investors, and multi-million dollar brands, alike, guides Tricia’s approach to her work.

What will you be talking about?

Don't have the budget to A/B test marketing copy? No problem. The highest converting copy lives inside the brain of your customers. This talk would explain how $35 and two hours of time can turn customer interviews and/or sales calls into high converting content. I'll talk through the methodology in ten minutes, then provide an example transcript. For the final 10 minutes, guests will pair up to highlight customer insights from the transcript and brainstorm ways to turn it into high performing conversion copy (no pun intended).

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