Womb Healing Ceremony

6:30-8:30PM | Saturday December 7
Light and Space
915 E Ojai Ave, Ojai, CA 93023, USA

Join Carlotta Mastrojanni for a deep dive into the feminine shamanic landscape of the Womb.

At this event, Carlotta will guide participants in a deep transformation of the womb space through a process of inner alchemy.

The womb is the seat of our Soul. It is where our power and magic come alive and where we return home to ourselves.

It is also where we store our grief and hurt, and all our wounds that keep us fragmented.

When we clear our womb space, the fire of our soul begins to burn un-interrupted, and we are then able to live from our unique essence, effortlessly Creating from a place of power.

This is a process of embodiment. One that connects us to our hearts and our highest purpose once we begin to know ourselves intimately.

Through meditations, ancient womb wisdom, and the support of the sacred medicine cacao and sound, you will be supported in plugging back into the feminine consciousness of your body. This means abundance, magnetism, wholeness, fertility, intuition and more…as your body realigns, so does your capacity to resonate with nature and receive Her elements as healing gifts within you at a cellular level.

Together we will journey into the hidden realms of our being to take a look at where each one of us is within the framework of the Great Goddess (La Grande Dea), whilst rewriting some of our old stories that are holding us back from fulfilling our highest potential.

There will also be an opportunity to share your experiences and receive guidance to integrate this powerful unfolding process.

It is a safe and joyous space for sisters to come together and share their wisdom, love and support for each other.

For more information contact Carlotta at www.whatsyourmedicine.com

IG: @themodernmedicinewoman