Body Awareness: Stretch + Release

7:00-9:00PM | Thursday July 11
31 Noble St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA
New York City

Rediscover, replenish and renew your mind-body connection in this stretch, release and meditation series. This 1.5 hour workshop encourages you to explore your body through prop-based release work to create space, to breath better, release muscular tension and inspire a deeper anatomical understanding. Cristina will guide you through a body scan meditation to complement and deepen the work by visualizing your bones, muscles, organs and cells. Finally, with soothing sounds of nature and a crystal bowl healing sound bath we will tap into the interconnection of mind+body, a unified way of being. Discovering a deep sense of your self.

If able, please bring your own mat.


Your Contribution: 35$


Cristina Rubio was born and raised in Colombia. She began her movement training as a professional belly dancer and toured for years throughout the US with Bellyqueen Dance Company. She came to practice Pilates as a complementary workout and for core integration. Cristina acquired her Pilates certification from renowned Pilates master teacher, Erika Bloom. She is also a certified reflexologist by the ARCB and a Reiki practitioner.

"The amazing human body never stops teaching and amusing me. Breath, movement, connections and control through awareness. I been teaching Pilates for about 6 years, I believe Pilates keeps you present and connected to your vehicle, your body. My purpose is to nurture a holistic approach to the body and its natural healing processes, through touch and movement. To break the mind patterns about the possibilities of the moving body. control, perfect, embrace, be precise, find the beauty within… My goal is to create awareness of our anatomy and inner-nature, that part that connects to everything. As we are a microcosm. Co-creating an opening to the macrocosm."

Your relationship with your self is a life long romance, that needs to be nourished just as much as your body does.