Yoga for Inner Joy

10:30-11:45PM | Saturday October 26
The Attic
2345 7th St, Denver, CO 80211, USA

How can we connect to our child-like wonder and curiosity to live in a more blissful state?

It can be exhausting being human, but our multitude of emotions give us perspective and contrast so that we can fully appreciate the moments of pure joy and bliss. Our practice will focus on connecting to the part of ourselves that is free, creative and joyful! When we connect with this part of ourselves, we can celebrate the parts of our life that bring us joy and allow this light to radiate to others. Sarah’s Hatha Vinyasa Yoga class is a moderately paced, all-levels practice that matches breath with intentional movement. Each class includes a short meditation and a creative sequence with just the right amount of challenge and ease. Expect to move through sun salutations, standing series, seated poses and truly let go with a yoga nidra inspired savasana. Sarah will offer you guidance and support to help you develop your internal awareness and become more in-tune with your mind, body, and spirit.