v i t a l i t y: rose quartz face roller ritual

12:00-1:30PM | Sunday September 22
The Subtle Mind
1829 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA

join Sankalpa jewelry designer and reiki crystal facial reflexologist Victoria Larkins for a nourishing face ritual workshop. Calm your mind + open your heart with gentle breath work. Then, Victoria will guide you in how to use a crystal face roller to restore balance + ease to your face + organs. Nourish your face with the cooling, soothing essence of rose quartz. This yin activating crystal of unconditional love and self acceptance promotes circulation + disperses nutrients from deep within your body around the surface of your skin, giving you a healthy dewey glow. It reduces the appearance of puffiness or darkness, and relaxes facial muscles. When rolling such a gentle loving crystal across your face, the result is a toning effect on all the major organs in our body.

$20 + processing fee

*option to purchase your own facial roller (+ $30) or borrow ours