Frame Drum Workshop Rhythm, Chant and Ceremonial Drumming for Women

June 22 |

July 14 |

427 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293, USA
El Segundo

Frame Drumming Workshop for Women

with Miranda Rondeau

Heart of Frame Drumming or know how to play the basic strokes in upright position
( Find a frame drum sister to teach you )

We continue on the rhythmic path of heart and devotion for those who have taken the introduction.
In celebration of Summer Solstice we will honor the sun
through rhythm and chant.
Join Miranda as she shares her passion for one of the oldest archetypal instruments in the world.
Rhythm governs all of life.
In ancient times the women were the predominant players, who were a earth honoring society,
honoring the cycles of life with rhythm and song.
We not only hold a drum, we hold all that it represents.
The drum is the echo of the first sound we hear, our mothers blood pulsing through her arteries while
we were fetuses in the womb.
When we drum we give voice to what the drum represents.
It is a reclaiming of this ancient instrument as a Tool of Remembrance.
Inspired by Layne Redmond and the ancient women frame drummers.
We will cultivate our rhythmic skills and techniques.

*Grounding meditation
*Opening Invocation
*Symbology of the drum
*Honor the elements
*Rhythmic Warm up exercises
*Call and response singing
*Call and response rhythm patterns
*Sun Chant
*Ceremonial Drumming

**Bring your own frame drum
I will just have a few on hand**

Limited Space ( 20 seats )
Pre-register to hold your spot
We usually fill to capacity
Pre-registrate here