Friday July 19
105 NE 24th St, Miami, FL 33137, USA



MoonDance Experience is a moon dance gathering, which is considered to be a form of “ecstatic dance” that involves dynamic yoga stretch, cacao activation, sound healing, dancing, and meditation. During the event you will experience a welcome circle and intention setting cacao activation ceremony to set the tone. This is followed by a period of yoga stretch, an “ecstatic dance” session, sound healing, and meditation prior to closing the circle. “Ecstatic Dance” is a free technique dance where the DJ guides the audience through an eclectic selection of tracks that build an in crescendo rhythm story which slows down at the end. The dancers begin and end in savasana pose. This experience will be led by a team which includes the DJ, a yoga and circle leader, a musician/sound healer and special guests. We will experience a cacao activation by Sun Potion which is available at our curated shop, FLOW.

MoonDance Flow:

7:00 pm - Access Circle Opening

7:15 pm - Welcome Circle, Cacao Activation, Celebration and Intention Setting Ceremony.

7:30 pm - Stretch Circle

7:50 pm - Dance Session

9:20 pm - Sound Healing and Meditation

9:40 pm - Closing Circle

9:50 pm - Departure

MoonDance Experience:

A modern tribe composed of mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, creators, artists, healers and other archetypes, that gather every full moon to revive the ancient dance ritual in a contemporary setting. Sensibility and catharsis, exercise and meditation, connection and community, rhythm and free dance, take place under a dynamic that integrates celebration with Cacao activation, stretch circle, meditation in movement and free dance with music, lots of music. MoonDance Experience runs under the dynamic of “Ecstatic Dance:” Emerged in Hawaii and popularized in Oakland with a natural flow and open safe space free style, with a very eclectic musical line with a variety of tempos and moods, creating a collective “journey” among participants.

Join us in an open interactive experience where you will have the opportunity to expand your spirit, connect with your body and with the present moment through music, release tension, have some physical exercise, stimulate blood circulation. Awaken both prana and awareness and improve your wellbeing with this meditation in movement and explore your body to express your psychological and spiritual nature


MoonDance began in Mexico City on March 2016 with a session every month. Each session revolves around the day of the full moon. We started with a few people and now it’s becoming more popular after doing it every full moon for about 1 year. MoonDance has a local crew of DJ's, yoga teachers and guest performers, also have hosted international DJs like The Human Experience and Philip Jung from M.A.N.D.Y. SunDance DJ's play at events like the Wanderlust Festival and in the electronic Mexican scene.

We suggest to reserve your space in advance, as we have limited space.



Comfortable clothes that allow full range of movement, towel, extra shirt, and bottle of water.

NOTE: The use of cell phones is not permitted during the event. The taking of photographs is prohibited on the dance floor to assure the sacredness of the practice. This is a substance free environment. I agree to be smoke free, alcohol free, and drugs free. Bookcases Will Be Provided For You To Leave Your Belongings, Including Your Phones.



Claudia Morales: has always been moved by energy and movement. As she started practicing yoga, her life profoundly changed, and she began to be connection with her higher self. She began discovering so many incredible things about herself, her body, and her energy, understanding that we are awareness itself and not the impermanent definitions we create in our minds. Her love for yoga is so deep that she decided to become a yoga teacher where she learned balance, patience, humility, respect, self-honor, mindfulness, spirituality, self-love and to be present in every moment. Through continued practice she became part of a community and started discovering different lineages of yoga and meditation. One of these was ecstatic dance or movement meditation. Her goal is to share this with others, help create community and support others in connecting to their higher selves through yoga, meditation, dance and breath work. In this way we to connect with our true essence, we shift to higher levels of consciousness and awareness as we release fear and learn to unlearn.

Luis Molinar: was born in the sign of Aries in Mexico. He is most activated in life by love, nature, music, yoga, community and movement. His heart is open to helping create opportunities for each of us to love and support each other. In this way we can continue to grow as a community through a beautiful ¨dance of life¨. He believes we are all on the planet a reason and movement meditation is one of the gifts that life has given us. It supports us in remembering the energy and power we hold within while dancing and releasing what does not serve us. Dancing helps us tap into the sacred connection between mind, body and spirit and reminds us of our soul’s playful nature. As we dance we allow our magical, inner child, run wild and free.



$39 + Ticket fees