The Continuum Conference

8:00-6:00PM | Saturday November 2
The William Vale
111 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA
New York City

The Mission

The Continuum Conference is an intergenerational gathering for women and gender non-conforming people who identify with the female experience, to evoke, embody and amplify what it means to be a woman at various phases of life. It’s a gathering that centers the fertility, pregnancy and new motherhood period as a unique inflection point in a woman’s life. It’s a gathering that centers stories untold.

The Continuum is a safe space and an opportunity to lean into our vulnerability, speak our truth and honor our challenges and celebrate our triumphs. The Continuum is a gathering that centers self-care as a pathway to empowerment and authentic connection as central to our advancement.

Why The Continuum? Why now?

Women have gathered in circles for thousands of years. Our ancestors gathered because our lives depended upon it. We gather because we need each other. We thrive when swaddled in the support of community. With the information and info-tainment age we are deeply tapped into the virtual world- out there, and longing for connection in the actual world right here. Women are craving sisterhood, hand-holding and witnessing. The Continuum allows us to bring women together for an intimate exploration of fertility, pregnancy, and new motherhood.

The Community

The Continuum is a safe space for women to come and explore their bodies, their spirits and foster community. Its a day of education, inspiration, reflection and action that centers women at the threshold of change in their lives. We unpack topics and have thoughtful conversations about fertility, pregnancy, motherhood and everything in between.

We welcome everyone including: doulas and birth workers, pregnant people, mothers, hopeful expectants, healers, midwives, OB/GYNS, acupuncturists, therapists, and those interested in learning more about the reproductive and motherhood continuum.