How To Breathe Deeper Book Club

September 21 |

November 16 |

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Los Angeles

The How To Breathe Deeper series of live online classes is designed for breathwork students who want to deepen their practices in community and have an opportunity to receive guidance from Ashley and her specific methodology of working the the breath and body. This series is based on her book How To Breathe and is created for students who have some breathwork experience.

The intention for the series is to create more space and awareness in our bodies and energy systems through breathwork, somatic inquiry, and exploratory journaling.

If you’re brand new to Ashley’s methodology and want to join us, please commit to practicing one of the exercises from the book for several days in a row before our class begins.


OPEN HEART (special Fall Equinox class)


The class is 2 hours and includes guided breathwork, somatic inquiry, writing prompts, and Q+A.

You will have the option of joining via video or phone.

To accommodate those who cannot be there for the live class, you will be sent a video link the following day which you will have access to for 72 hours.


It’s recommended that you set aside 10 minutes before the class begins to get set up and set your intention. It is also suggested that you practice the corresponding breath exercise from How To Breathe for several days leading up to the class.

You will need a notebook, pen and a secure wifi connection or landline for the class.


Classes take place via Zoom and you will be sent a link with instructions after registration.

Tickets are non-refundable.

Ashley Neese is a renowned breathwork teacher and author of the best selling book How To Breathe: 25 Simple Practices for Calm, Joy, and Resilience. She has studied with some of the world’s leading masters in meditation, somatic therapy, and medical intuition.

Ashley draws from this deep well of resources to guide people back into their bodies where they learn beyond the cognitive mind how to cultivate resilience, develop relational intelligence and trust the wisdom held within. Her passion lies in the belief that our deepest and most profound healing occurs when we learn to listen to the unique language of our bodies. She is in private practice in California.