Human Design for the Soul: Integrating HD to Find Your Soul's Purpose

11:00-2:00PM | Saturday February 29
Online via Zoom|
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Join Human Design Expert, Jenna Zoe and Krista and Lindsey from Almost 30 for an afternoon LIVE digital workshop on everything HUMAN DESIGN. Get ready to connect on a soul level with like minded spirits as we deep delve into what human design is and 4 various topics within the human design world: purpose, relationships, health, and personal development.


11AM - 11:30AM ✧ Welcome

  • Introduce Krista, Lindsey and Jenna. What is Human Design, how human design has impacted Krista and Lindsey, how they connected with Jenna, Jenna's backstory on what she does and why she loves human design.

11:30AM - 12PM ✧ Purpose

  • The Ego Center – what it can tell you about your motivation
  • What gates 1, 2, 8, 11 26, 44, 47 and 64 can say about your business style

12PM - 12:30PM ✧ Relationships

  • How being the best partner you can be is simpler than we make it
  • The Throat center and conflict
  • Navigating as Emotionals and Non-Emotionals

12:30PM - 1PM ✧ Health

  • Qualities in your chart that can tell you about your ideal eating style
  • Work outs and sleep for your type

1PM - 1:30PM ✧ Personal Development

  • Overcoming the fears you’re born with
  • Eliminating anxiety

1:30PM - 2PM ✧ Participant Q&A


✧Access to Jenna Zoe's Energy Type Masterclass ($38 Value)✧

The Energy Type Masterclass is essentially are a manual on how best to move through the world: how to use your energy, what to conserve it on, and how to re-align.

The first place to start when you’re learning about your human design is your energy type – this is how you’re designed to interact and exchange energy with the world around you, whether that be with people, your purpose, or the things that life puts on your path. When we’re using our energy correctly, there is more flow and life unfolds with ease, synchronicities are everywhere. Whereas when we’re not, that’s when life throws us roadblocks like tiredness, lack of opportunities, and generally feeling uninspired. The latter symptoms are simply the Universe’s way of getting you to pivot and re-align with who you really are. Of all the sections in Human Design, Mastering your energy type is the one that has the most profound and life-altering impact on not only you, but also everyone around you. The video is essentially a manual on how best to move through the world: how to use your energy, what to conserve it on, and how to re-align. Learn more here.

This Masterclass covers ...

  • Energy Type – The optimal energy pattern for you
  • Strategy – The correct way to bring opportunities into your life
  • Not-self – Negative habits your Energy Type can fall into when you’re not using your energy correctly
  • Signature – Tell-tale signs that you are in flow and using your energy correctly

✧Access to Jenna Zoe's Eating For Your Design Masterclass ($35 Value)✧

Since your Energy Type governs everything you put energy into in your life, it can tell us a lot about the way you were designed to eat, move and sleep. There’s so much noise out there about the way we should do these things, whereas when you learn to do them based on your Type you can eliminate so much confusion and noise and be your own authority over your wellness.

When you do, you have so much mental energy freed up to devote to moving your life forward in a healthy and positive way. This is why, ironically, eating, moving and sleeping correctly is the most powerful step you can take to align to your life purpose.

✧Q+A with Jenna Zoe✧

✧Human Design Worksheet✧


Digital Training Happening LIVE via zoom. Join us in your jammies!


Jenna Zoe is a world leading Human Design Reader with a unique approach to reading Human Design charts that is lead by the desire to create more understanding and acceptance in the way we see ourselves and others. She has created a library of online programs which enable anyone to access upto 10 hours of information about their own chart. She is also the host of the Reframe with Jenna Zoe Podcast which breaks down aspects of Human Design and our modern lives in 10 to 15 minute, easy to digest episodes. You can find out more about her at and follow her Instagram @jennazoe



The Almost 30 Podcast is a top-rated lifestyle podcast, brand and community, brought to life by LA-based best friends Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik. Hailed as "The Best Wellness Podcast to Listen to Right Now" by Coveteur, Krista and Lindsey have created an online and offline space where listeners can gather to navigate any transition as their best selves. Think of them as your virtual best friends, who are there to listen, share, and learn right along with you.