Moon Breathwork Circle for Men and Women

This event is over — looks like you just missed it!
West Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Los Angeles

I am so excited to announce our first Lunar Breathwork Circle for men and women on August 15, 2019.

I will be collaborating with an incredible man, Bryan Barker, who is an executive producer, and a long time student, seeker, and space holder.

The reason I wanted to experiment with this idea is that in almost all of my private and group coaching sessions, a common challenge I hear from men and women is that they equally feel confused about their roles, challenged by the presence of masculine and feminine energies, and how this shows up in the obstacles within their relationships.

I wanted to hold a circle that would allow both men and women to embody how it feels to reside in their natural state with the other gender present, without a need to be, or act a certain way.

Couples, singles, men, and women are welcome in this Full Moon Breathwork Circle. We will convene in the Native American tradition. The men will meet outside by the fire, and the women meet inside, for the first hour of the ceremony.

In the second and third hour, we will convene inside within two circles. The women will be sitting in the center circle, and sharing as we normally do in the moon circles - as a connection to source and sacred feminine. The men will encircle us and neutrally hold space and reside in their divine masculine.

I am so excited to offer this invitation for healing on so many levels of consciousness, to step into your inherent nature, harness the lunar energy, and be a part of the change we wish to see in the world as conscious men and women.

Location: West LA (complete details upon registration)