Pisces Full Moon Ceremony

7:00-9:00PM | Thursday September 12
Anima Mundi Apothecary
31 Noble St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA
New York City

Dreaming Awake. This New Moon in Pisces carries us to the realms of our deepest dreaming. With the symbol of a  deep, dark Ocean, Pisces puts us in touch with our most profound emotions. And because all water is connected, we find ourselves swimming in the Collective Consciousness too. So what is mine and what is yours? This is sure to be a Moon to remember for Empaths, since Pisces who is ruled by Neptune rules over our highest spirituality, fantasy, creativity, and illusion. Here we use the beautiful medicine of art to open our vision. 

Combining tapping, meditative watercolor, and self massage, we consecrate our bodies to the energy of the Pisces Full Moon. Using simple rituals to release the energy of others, and protect and honor our intuition & sensitivity. 

AnimaMundi Dreaming Awake Elixir is included with RSVP.

Contribution: $35