The Fulcrum, the Vessel, the Roots, and the Warrior Priestess Way

Friday September 20 - Sunday September 22
Tesuque, NM, USA

Earth Element Qigong + Tea Immersion

Led By Baelyn Elspeth & Brea Fisher

With Earth as our teacher, we gather in sacred practice to remember the things the Soul knows and the Spirit sings, the truths that rest in the home of the soil, the sanctuary of the nest, and the nourishment of the womb.

Earth holds aspects of every other element in the cycle: Wood, Fire, Metal, and Water; just as the Earth our planet holds steady at its point between the moon and the sun, we too must become the center point, calling on Earth element to bless us with balance and stability in the constant flux of change and transition.

Each season corresponds to the Chinese Five Elements, the fifth season being Late Summer. However, Late Summer is a translation for the in-between seasons that occur throughout the year; the Earth element comes forth in Late Autumn, Late Winter, and Late Spring as well. Earth is our bridge from here to there, providing the foundation, the footing, the roots, and the grounding from which we soar into the unknown.

As those who hold the moon and grip the sword together as one act, the Warrior Priestess must honor in herself the Mother, bowing to the parts of ourselves that hold, balance, collect, nurture, and allow.

As is now tradition, we’ll open and close the day with Bowl Tea—in stillness, silent, listening with all our senses to the water pouring, filling the sacred vessel, emptying into the Self.

Bolstered by tea ceremony, we take the rest of the day to move. Like deep sea dancers, like star swimmers, we move. To move the spirit through, we move— and are in turn moved by the spirit. We’ll practice Qigong as medicine— forms specifically chosen for each woman present—a tool to be used on your path as a Warrior Priestess. We will also learn to wield and respect the Sword. Through Eagle Claw forms we’ll cut through what no longer serves us.

This Immersion is held with impeccable intention, for women who wish to receive the medicine of the body in harmonious tandem with the medicine of the Leaf, all under the guidance and loving influence of the five elements. It is our intention to create an intimate, focused environment to facilitate deep movement— both internal and external.

Seats are limited

Immersion Schedule

Friday 4-7p, with dinner to follow
Saturday 8.30a-7p
Sunday 8.30a-7p

Closing times are approximate; please allow for the possibility of going a bit past the following schedule guide

*Pricing includes two lunches & Friday Dinner*

*Pricing does not include accommodation*

*Due to the time energy put into this immersion, we cannot accept refunds or transfers of any kind, by purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to this**