Rituals with Plant Allies

7:00-8:30PM | Wednesday November 20
Anima Mundi Apothecary
31 Noble St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA
New York City

Tea Ceremony + Smudge Bundle Workshop 

As we move into the fall season it is now time to harvest our inner light and discover ways to harness our passions through the fall and winter season. We gather together to converse on the power rituals bring and share ways our herbal allies can contribute to our overall spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. During this conversation we will focus on how to define a ritual, how we can strive to use our intentions to bring rituals into our busy daily lives all with the help of plant allies, and share ways we currently connect with self through plants and rituals. In this expanding experience we will also dive into ourselves through a tea ceremony and make herbal smudge bundles to release anything keeping us from obtaining goals. Join us as we create an altar of awareness to better connect with our inner source through herbs and ritual work.

Your contribution: $30


Le’ Jai’ La is a Reiki master, medium, channel and psychic who accesses the Akashic Records allowing her to connect with your past, present and future. Le’ Jai’ La is a spiritual herbalist with experience offering herbal consultation at The Alchemist Kitchen and with her expanding brand Akashic Remedies. She studied in an apprenticeship under Karen M. Rose, Master Herbalist and owner of Sacred Vibes Apothecary in Brooklyn. She integrates knowledge of various indigenous and traditional healing practices of herbalism from Curanderismo, Ayurvedic, Native American, Chinese principals, and African healing to astrological herbalism. She has a passion for herbal medicine and sharing her gifts to help you enrich your life spiritually, mentally and physically.

She combines these evolving modalities to create a holistic approach that empower client’s to take healing back into their own hands with a practical plan to realign them in their true health. Le’ Jai’ La creates healing protocols that work to fully align clients with optimal wellness which includes looking at diet, possible herb allies, and how to address the ripple effect illness causes on the mental and spiritual state.  Le’ Jai’ La’s wellness brand Akashic Remedies is a holistic apothecary that offers herbal remedies, healing modalities, readings, ceremonies, workshops and other events. Akashic Remedies seeks to curate containers for conscious expansion while providing tools for you to discover yourself.

Visit more at https://www.akashicremedies.com/