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WMN Teen Circle mirrors the magic of our signature WMN Circle gatherings, allowing girls to unplug from distractions and connect on a more authentic level with themselves and their peers. Meggie Purpura facilitates this welcoming group where girls feel safe to let go of judgment and comparison, allowing them to discover the truth of who they are at their core: inherently worthy of love and belonging. With compassion and acceptance, girls learn to discern and shift the habits and belief systems that aren't serving them. This gathering is open to 8th-12th grade girls, including self-identified girls and those exploring their gender identity.

Participants gain awareness of the societal and personal expectations that tether their worth to external influences like achievements, appearances, and pleasing others. In order to live from the inside→ out, girls need the tools to nourish and strengthen their internal selves. Each WMN Teen Circle gathering will explore one of the core components of the self (voice, values, creativity, heart, etc.) through guided group sharing, journaling and creative projects, and various mindfulness exercises.

Meggie Purpura is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked as a counselor in all-girls high schools for 5 years. In her private practice, she specializes in supporting teen girls and their families as they navigate the journey into young adulthood. With humor and warmth Meggie gently guides young women to let go of external expectations and discover their internal worth and value. She works with a holistic philosophy, connecting the mind with embodied experiences and spiritual awareness to create transformative growth.

Meggie recognizes a collective need for bold, compassionate young women who are going after their dreams and positively impacting their communities. She has made it her mission to bring experiential work to teen girls so they can live wholeheartedly and with clear purpose as they launch into adulthood.

Please email Meggie at mpurpura.counseling@gmail.com to connect. You can find more information on her practice here: Meggie Purpura, LMFT