Women's Kundalini Yoga

This event is over — looks like you just missed it!
427 Culver Blvd, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293, USA
Los Angeles


Led by Taylor Eyewalker

Taylor's classes explore a breadth of wisdom within the teachings of kundalini yoga. She has a particular interest in studying the archives of the women’s teachings of Kundalini Yoga and has made it her mission to share these teachings to women from all walks of life. She is confident this practice will support a woman in create mastery over her mind, emotions, life force energy, youth and vitality.

Every month Taylor will spend each course focusing on different themes, topics like conscious communication, aquarian relationships, emotional mastery and more! We will use this time together to deep dive as women to learn how to get the most out of our lives and these teachings. This class always has a lecture on the topic at hand, deep meditation and powerful kriya.

We encourage you to come if you're wishing to have a deeper experience of the yogic teachings in order to apply them into your own personal life. It doesn’t matter your experience level, your age or your flexibility, simply your openness is requested. Taylor's Aquarian style fuses humor, truth telling and a modern approach to the ancient teachings.

*This class is open to all identifying as a woman.