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Finding a sense of fulfillment in life isn't always about embracing who you are.

It's also about identifying who you aren't.

And giving yourself the permission to honor that to an equal degree.

Enter: Human Design

— one of the most precise tools for self-discovery and self-actualization —

Think of it as a guide to yourself, from yourself... backed up with Quantum Physics, the energetic wisdom of your Chakras, and your personal Astrology details from the moment you graced this planet with your presence. In essence, Human Design is a system that will show you how to engage your soul's highest purpose through your own ability to make the decisions that are right for you, as a unique being. Now imagine if you could illuminate that same profound depth when it comes to understanding your kids...

July 17, 2019 II 6:00pm - 8:30pm

This workshop will explore how Human Design can elevate your parenting through:

Provision of your children's Human Design Chart(s)

Specific explanation for how this chart can provide insight into your children's natural talents, energy levels, bonding styles, sensitivities, etc.

And tangible advice about how to implement that insight to raise self-assured, independent offspring

We are very pleased to announce The Spirit Advisor Dylan, who has been teaching Human Design to crowds of all sizes for over eight years, will be leading this interactive class. In his words,

"If we can raise our kids based on who they truly are, we can bypass the complications of conditioning them into who they 'should' be."


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