Moon + Movement: THE ALUNA METHOD

6:00-9:00PM | Wednesday September 18
Circle by Mama Glow
267 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA
New York City

This lunar based workshop centers yoga practices and intuitive wisdom. We focus our observation on the lunar phases and their feminine archetypes in order to study the energies of the inner Moon and guide each of us on an internal journey.

Join us as we gather with transformational journey teacher Juliana Luna inviting us to dive into the feminine, reminiscent of our roots, our ancestral force- the starting point and the meeting point for all of us.

We will work with active breath, creative writing and yoga Asanas for a deeper understanding of each of the Lunar phases and our individual cycles within each phase.

We aim to emerge from this gathering with attunement to our internal rhythms and a mission to align with our inner moon.

This meditative practice helps us garner greater connection in the world around us. This practice allows us to slow down. Grounding in alignment with our inner moon has a direct connection to nature, our feminine energy and our emotions. When welcomed and observed, this lunar energy has the power to transform our environment and enrich our lives..

"Juliana" Luna is on a journey as a transformational teacher, leader, mentor and narratorial creator who’s mission is to empower women through yoga, ancestral awareness and intuitive knowledge. Luna is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, but currently traveling the world designing shared experiences for people of every background. Her work is developed around 3 simple principles: intuition, ancestral wisdom and Yoga. Through these principles she bridges people together and let their stories bloom. Luna brings forth to our contemporary world the creative power present in inhabiting our bodies with confidence, awareness and compassion.