sol y luna :: a plant-based pop-up

7:00-10:00PM | Saturday September 28
Beacon Coffee Company
211 W Ojai Ave, Ojai, CA 93023, USA

welcome to sol y luna!

we are a holistic + plant-based experiential project, weaving together our passion for nature, nourishment, and community. each experience is immersive and unique, as we gather around to honor the cycles of our natural world and our own true nature. our intention is for everyone to feel health in their own bodies, minds, hearts, and environments. and to have fun and connect in so doing!

with food being the heartbeat of our project, we are pleased to present the healing and enlivening work of chef christopher rayman. christopher offers his two decades of experience in the culinary arts, with a specialty in plant-based cuisine. as an alchemist and artist, each step of the way is steeped in intention and delivered with mastery. christopher is also known for his artisanal occult dairy-free nut-based cheese company, sproutcraft creamery. you can expect multiple courses of 100% organic, local, and plant-based magic.

woven throughout sol y luna, there will be invitations to practice mindfulness and to inspire reflection as well. these practices are curated and guided by holistic healer amber lee. with nearly a decade of experience as a healing arts practitioner and guide, amber brings her knowledge of the body's intrinsic power to self-heal and the conditions that support this process. when not immersed in her private healing practice, plant as compass, she shares her passion for wellness and community through a rich programming of events, workshops, ceremonies, and retreats around the world. as a healing arts and creative director, her mission is to generate well-being on a universal level in a beautiful and accessible way.

we encourage you to attune to your own essential nature and innate wisdom whilst journeying with us. in preparation for our upcoming immersion, we invite you to begin considering how you wish to transition from summer to autumn? what is your body asking of you? what is your essential nature guiding you to do these days? what would help you feel more supported? what does true nourishment look and feel like for you?

we welcome you to celebrate the autumn equinox with us in the valley of the moon for a nourishing evening of dining and connecting.

sol y luna


and now announcing here are our participating artists !

we have brought together a diverse cast of guides, facilitators, and experts to ground us when we gather, and to stir up some inspiring conversation.

~ nitsa citrine / sun potion

kelsey barrett / heavy nettle gathering

narmeen habib / culture counsel

gina zimmerman / meditation + yoga teacher

with all original music by carlos niño !

more tba . . .