Virgo New Moon Ceremony

7:00-9:00PM | Monday August 26
Anima Mundi Apothecary
31 Noble St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA
New York City

Roots to Heaven and Branches to Earth. This Virgo New Moon is ripe with the energy of manifestation. Ruled by Mercury, the Master of the Mind, we are given the opportunity to sow our mind fields with visions of our highest healing, love, and dreams. But Virgo is more than the dream, it's exacting and thorough, meticulous and practical. 

So we move our magic in both directions, heaven and earth. First vision, then hustle. In a sacred container, we join in a ceremony to honor the new moon and anchor heaven within our own understanding. Through sacred song, sound, breathwork, and a flower meditation, we open our minds and hearts to higher perspectives and new realities.

AnimaMundi Heaven & Earth Elixir is included with RSVP.

Contribution: $35


Nicole Adriana Casanova is a student of Maestro Manuel Rufino, a Taino Elder who founded the Golden Drum educational center in Brooklyn.

Nicole is a writer, poet, and storyteller, a 200 RYT Yoga Alliance certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher, a certified Reiki Master in the Usui and Karuna Reiki Riojo, a Shamanic Practitioner, a Human Movement teacher, and Magical Awakening Practitioner. Nicole blends decades of expertise in the wellness and holistic field to create one of a kind empowerment experiences in groups as well as one-on-one settings. As a Soul Architect, Nicole bridges practices and teachings from various wisdom traditions around the world, with intuitive knowledge and practical know how to create one of a kind blueprints of empowerment, healing, and remembrance.