Benjamin Torre

From Firefighter to a member of the French SAS’s elite Parachute Special Forces Regiment, Ben went through anger to peace, frustration to satisfaction. His experiences became the catalyst for a great change. Anger, violence, heartbreak and the deaths of friends showed him the limits of his chosen lifestyle – one of self-hatred, conflict, frustration and purposeless. BenLifeChanger is an Experience, The Experience of Life itself. A Modern Quantum Galactic Shamanic Healing, to experience the program, the Matrix, the illusion of life called the Maya. It starts where all practice starts: with self-reliance, inspiration, discipline, continuity, willpower, personal resilience a yearning to grow, to live as yourself and a huge desire to thrive. It is a frequency, a practice, a real transformation in all the aspects and areas of your life. The work has 4 core component: The Human Design System ° BreathWork ° Spirit Consciousness ° Psychedelic