Wellness retreats and workshops created to inspire, empower, educate and elevate. We are here to curate transformational experiences, give you the tools and connect you to the best teachers, like minded community and most powerful places all over the world to discover yourself. We are here to plant a seed for your personal growth and wellbeing. However, it’s only you who can water that seed every day. Our pillars are: CULTURE - we respect heritage and traditions of every place we go. That's why we build our programs around local cultures to learn from the elders and help preserve their knowledge. Ancient wisdom is priceless. NATURE - Planet Earth is alive and it has energetic rich points called Chakras and Vortexes. Nature is a medicine, let's go to the most beautiful places for adventures on a lifetime. EDUCATION - we live in an amazing time when science can explain consciousness. Learn from the best teachers from all over the world. COMMUNITY - nothing brings people closer than having experiences and sharing memories together. PHILANTHROPY - we support local non-profit organizations to give back to the communities. Each retreat makes social impact. ⠀