YEM Home

YEM Home, a members' club in Venice, CA, is where heart-centered humans bond, support and inspire one another. It is where friends become family. We value: Interconnected community Holistic wellbeing Sustainable living Thoughtful traveling Arts, culture & heritage preservation Our members are those who appreciate the beauty of life itself. You travel the world to see, learn, be of service and better themselves. As a group, we raise one another's vibrational energy and make magic happen. We serve you by making you feel truly at home and loved while providing you with the tools to be mentally clear and professionally productive, whether it is at our Venice home or at our retreats around the world. Like a healthy family, together we enjoy dinners, cocktail parties, deep conversations, wellness activities and so much more. Our members' only showroom promotes the work of our local artists and global artisans, branded under YEM Silk and YEM Artisans.